Guy Surprises Girlfriend By Proposing In The Middle Of An Acro Yoga Pose

Because why not make a proposal just a little more challenging?

Proposing can be nerve-racking as hell, but this guy found a way to do it during a stress-relieving workout. 

Alec Horan thought the perfect time to pop the question was on a Hawaiian vacation in Oahu with his girlfriend, Stephanie Gardner. The couple has regularly practiced acrobatic yoga (aka acro yoga) together through their two year relationship and decided to do some poses on the beach. They often set up a camera to capture their moves, so Gardner wasn't surprised to see it set up in the sand. 

Horan discreetly hid the ring underneath his head as he laid on a towel with his feet in the air, balancing Gardner on top of them as she did a backbend. The moment she dropped her head down to face him, he held up the ring box (while still balancing her in the air with his feet) and asked Gardner to marry him. 

The shock is written across her face. "She thought we were just practicing a few moves, but little did she know, I had been planning this moment for months," Horan wrote on YouTube

She said yes and embraced Horan in Spiderman-style kiss — all while holding their poses.

You can watch the sweet moment unfold in the video below.


(H/T: Huffington Post


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