This Man Made An Engagement Ring For His Girlfriend

What an incredible idea.

First he makes the hole for her finger in a titanium rod.


The imgur user ucantoutrunbear decided he'd do something very, very special for his girlfriend.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an engagement ring, he decided he'd make one with his bare hands. In the images below, his process is depicted through pictures. The final result is truly impressive.

Now grooves on the inside of the ring, for later.

Then he forges a palladium band into the groove.

Twisting it to wrap all the way around.

Now he fills in a break in the palladium with palladium braze that melts at 1000 degrees celsius.

Here is the band, finished.

After cutting it to the final size, he polishes it up to be nice and shiny.

Now, onto the important stuff: the diamond holder.

Once he has welded the claw onto the band...

... It is ready for a nice diamond stud.

And here is your final product:

Impressive stuff! We hope she says yes. Check out the full project here and be sure to share this!


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