When This Waitress Saw What Her Customer Left For Her, She Broke Down

Happy Birthday, Wes.

When a loved one dies, sometimes the greatest way to honor his or her memory is by doing the things that he or she enjoyed doing. There's something cathartic about living on that person's behalf.

There's also a great satisfaction that comes from making the world just a little bit brighter in their name.

In this case, a man walked into Mac's Grub Shak in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and ordered his late brother's favorite meal. Hot dogs. Then he continued his annual tradition of giving someone else a gift in honor of his brother's birthday. 

He tipped his waitress $36 and wrote this note on the back of the receipt explaining why. 


Today is my brother's b-day. He would have been 36 today. Every year I go eat his favorite meal (hot dogs) and tip the waitress his age. Happy B-Day Wes.

This is such a nice way to wish Wes a happy birthday. And a sweet way to keep his memory alive. 

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