This Santa Gave Out $100 Bills To Homeless People On Xmas. One Woman Could Barely Contain Her Emotions.

At first, she thought the money was fake.

On Christmas Eve 2015, one man (who prefers to remain anonymous) dressed up as Secret Santa in Pontiac, Michigan to surprise homeless people with a gift of a $100 bill. 

With the help of an Oakland County Sheriff and a Bloomfield Township Police officer, Secret Santa distributed 60 $100 bills throughout the city, according to the YouTube description posted by James Coulter, a friend of Secret Santa's. 

One woman's tearful reaction was caught on camera, and you can see just how much the money meant to her. When Secret Santa initially approached the woman to give her the bill, she didn't believe it was real. 


"Give me a real dollar!" she says, while laughing.

But when Santa and the people he was with told her the money was real, she began to believe it. Once convinced, the tears start flowing, and she could barely contain her excitement, as she expressed thankfulness, telling them "she's hungry."   

"For a homeless person like me? I'm homeless and hungry. Are you serious?" She says before hugging Secret Santa.

"Don't lose it," says a woman offscreen, just to reinforce the point that the money is, in fact, real. Hopefully, this woman got herself something to eat, and had a nicer Christmas than she otherwise might have expected. 

Watch the video below:

Warning: Some profanity used. 


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