Guy Uses His Dalmatian To Propose To His Girlfriend, But Not Before The Dog Gave Him A Scare First

Bella the Dalmatian is a facilitator of love.

Forget elaborate flash dances, all anyone needs to propose is a dog. As was the case for Joe, at least. 

HowHeAsked, a website that features proposal videos and stories, featured he and his girlfriend Justina's story from last spring, but it wasn't the just ring that caught our eye: Joe enlisted the help of the couples' Dalmation, Bella, to help him pop the question. 

While in Maine, the high school sweethearts took Bella to the beach, which only allowed dogs before 8 a.m. Joe let her off the leash when they arrived and watched nervously as she ran and splashed in the water. Why? He had slipped a new tag on her that said "Will you marry me?" 

When Joe finally called Bella back (despite Justina cluelessly telling him to "let her play") he told Justina to check out her new tags. That's when she looked down and saw it. She turned around to find Joe on one knee.

"It was perfect."

And an adorable dog is a lot less risky than proposing on a boat...



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