When This Pregnant Woman's Child Starting Crying On A Plane, This Kind Stranger Helped Out

He walked up the aisle for most of the flight.

A long plane ride isn't comfortable for anyone. It is even worse for parents with young kids who can easily become tired, bored and upset in the cramped quarters of a plane.

When one pregnant mom's toddler started crying on a flight from Minneapolis to Georgia, one kind passenger came to her aid.


He offered to take her son so she could have a break.

The man, who is a father himself, then walked up and down the aisle with the boy for the majority of the flight.

The helpful act was appreciated by the mother as well as other passengers on the plane. Fellow passenger Angela Byrd took a photo of the pair walking in the aisle, and the story was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page:

The post had gone viral since being posted September 6 on Facebook, where it received over 185,000 likes and 28,000 shares. Many users are commenting about the kind gesture, and are  sharing their own stories about people who have helped them out on plane rides.

This particular instance shows that a stranger's simple act can make any experience that much more enjoyable.

(H/T: Express)


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