Man Buys 140 Roses From Subway Vendor, Then Does The Sweetest Thing

NYC subways aren't all grimy.

The New York City subway may be dark and smelly, but that doesn't mean something amazing can't happen there every once in a while.

On April 18, New Yorker Maria Lopez uploaded a video to her Facebook page of a man approaching a rose vendor on a downtown 6 train. He asks her how much for a bunch, which she explains would be $15, or $1 for each individual rose. But he doesn't take the deal. Instead, he buys all of the roses and gives her $140.

"You gotta do me a favor, you gotta give them out," he says, "Promise me, you'll give them out?"

She promises, then immediately begins to cry. 

Lopez told A Plus that she just whipped out her phone (back in 2013 when the exchange happened) to capture it. She says that the man's actions brightened up the ride.

"It transformed the whole feeling of the train," she told A Plus. "It was like we weren't in New York City anymore."

Since Lopez posted the video to Facebook, it has gotten over 82,000 shares and 32,000 likes.

Free roses, anyone?


Watch the entire exchange below:


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