You Won't Believe This Airline's Highest Class Of Travel

From gate to gate, it's the highest class of service commercially available.

The most luxurious class in air travel


available to commercial travelers is undoubtedly Singapore Airline's Suites Class. Created in 2008 for the Airbus A380 - the largest passenger jet in the world - Suites Class tickets can run up to $18,400. 

Engineer and entrepreneur Derek Low decided he wanted a taste of Suites Class and cashed in what had to have been a considerable number of frequent flier miles in order to experience it. Fortunately for all of us, he documented his journey from beginning to end. 

Singapore Changi Airport, First Class and Suites check-in lounge.

That's right, it's a lounge. Mr. Low's first stop was to get his golden ticket so that he could commence his journey.

We mean it when we say "golden ticket."

Along with the golden ticket, he also got an invitation to The Private Room, which he reports the staff calls "higher than first class."

The Private Room is completely separate from the First Class lounge.

After being escorted to The Private Room, Mr. Low was greeted by name by all personnel there. "It's like they all already knew me before even meeting me," he writes.

He wasn't hungry, but he had heard about the food so he decided to sample some...

He started with champagne and the chicken and mutton satay plate.

Then some more...

...he moved on to the baked Boston lobster with gruyere, emmenthal, and cheddar...

And finally some more until it was time to board.

U.S. prime beef burger with foie gras, a quail egg, and arugula, washed down with a mango smoothie.

Then he boarded and was escorted to his suite.

He picked the middle suite aboard the double-decker plane. The cabins are private, sealed off with sliding doors. Low describes the luxury within: "The interior was designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste and comes along with a plush soft leather armchair hand-stitched by the Italian master craftsmen Poltrona Frau." 

Singapore Airlines is the only airlines that has doublebeds.

The suites can be merged together to form a double bed. 

There were only 3 passengers in the 12 suites, so Low had a choice of rooms to dine and lounge in.

He was immediately offered a glass of Dom Perignon upon being seated. He was also offered a copy of every newspaper they had on board. 

His amenities were appropriately luxurious.

He had plenty of leg room and entertainment options.

He even found room for a 5-course dinner.

He was given a guided tour of the massive airplane.

Two flight attendants prepared his bed for him.

And oh, what a bed!

Even the bathroom was more comfortable than the best seat in coach.

And he had the bed all to himself.

He took full advantage of the space.

He woke up and had a huge breakfast, including lobster thermidor.

Then, after some more breakfast, he took a nap.

We don't want to spoil the rest for you, but there's plenty more to see at Derek's site, including loads of incredible looking meals and details we left out of this article. 

Many thanks to Derek Low for allowing us to use these pictures.

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