After Her Baby Spent Time In The NICU, This Mom Started A Clothing Line To Help Other Families

"Buy a shirt, believe in miracles."

September is National NICU Awareness Month and one charitable clothing line, Mama B. Designs, is helping to spread further awareness about premature births with its Miracle Line. The philosophy of the collection is simple:


"Buy a shirt, believe in miracles."

The collection was started by TV personality-turned-work-at-home-mompreneur, Nadine Bubeck. Bubeck understands what families of premature babies go through because her first child was born early. 

In an email to A Plus, she explained, "My first son was born six weeks early and spent seven nights in the NICU. Our story was NOTHING compared to the many stories I hear about babies being born early. However, I want to instill in my children to find a passion and pay it forward."

Bucbeck partnered with March of Dimes to launch the Mama B. Designs Miracle Line. 

"March of Dimes is a national foundation determined to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality," Bubeck explained. "By wearing the Mama B. Miracle Line, you are directly supporting the foundation. Fifty percent of net proceeds per item goes towards March of Dimes."

Supporting this foundation is so important, given that a staggering 15 million babies are born premature around the world, and 1 million of those will die. Sadly, 72 die each day before their 1st birthday. 

What's more, the entire family can help this cause because there are items in the Miracle Line for men, women, and kids. The selection includes tank tops, shirts, rompers, tutu-onesies, and more. It's all about being comfortable and stylish, while aiding a great cause.

Check out some of the looks from the collection:

"Fashion that gives back is so big, and that's wonderful," Bubeck told A Plus. "It's a win-win; consumers can buy boutique items knowing their purchase is doing good."

Clothes can be about so much more than physical garments. They can be tools to express our individuality, and they can help bring attention to a worthy cause. The Mama B. Designs Miracle Line helps raise awareness and funds for premature births, while allowing families to be comfortable and stylish.

Check out Mama B. Designs to see the full collection, and/or donate directly to March of Dimes. 


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