This 'Miracle' Clothing Line Is Helping To Raise Awareness About Premature Babies

"Our mission: to stylishly spread prematurity awareness."

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month and it is a time when people can help show their support for premature babies and their families. Given that there are about 15 million premature births worldwide, and 380,000 babies are born premature in the United States alone, this is a great cause to support. These infants are often born underweight and with medical conditions, and usually start off their young lives fighting in the NICU. 

To help shed light on this issue, one charitable family clothing line called Mama B. Designs has partnered with March of Dimes, an organization whose goal it is to end premature births and provide support to families of premature infants. 

Through this partnership, Mama B. Designs developed a Miracle Line, with proceeds from every T-shirt going toward March of Dimes. 


The range was created by TV personality-turned-mompreneur, Nadine Bubeck, with the goal of helping others. Bubeck understands what it is like for parents of premature babies because her own son Nicholas was born early, and the family had to spend seven nights in the NICU with him.

Bubeck told A Plus via email about her goal for the Miracle Line to help premature babies.

She wrote, "Premature birth is the #1 killer in babies. Our mission: to stylishly spread prematurity awareness."

When you purchase something from the Miracle Line, 50 percent of each item sold will go directly to March of Dimes.

Bubeck wrote that the partnership is something that is very important to her, "I am so incredibly thrilled to partner Mama B. Designs with March of Dimes, a foundation determined to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. March of Dimes serves as a resource for families, funds essential prematurity research, and holds hundreds of annual events uniting parents of preemies nationwide. It is a beautiful organization, and one that speaks to my heart."

All babies deserve to have a fighting chance and the Mama B. Designs Miracle Line is helping to support them. As Buckbeck says, the philosophy is simple, "Buy a shirt, believe in miracles."


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