Watch Male Models Reveal Their Biggest Body Insecurities

This serves as an important reminder that men should be more included in the body positive movement.


Model Behavior is an A Plus series featuring fashion models who promote body positivity, and work to create inclusivity and diversity within the industry by expanding our definition of conventional beauty.

The body positivity moment has been extremely great so far for women. We've seen more representation of diverse body types in magazines, on runways, and in advertisements than ever before. The movement has caused brands to make an effort to cater to larger sizes and has helped women to love every inch of their bodies. However, men are too often left out.

In an effort to help them join the conversation, model Barbie Ferreira invited some of her male model friends to discuss their biggest body insecurities as part of the model's Body Party video series with Teen Vogue. In the video, five male models share some self-esteem issues and reveal that they compare themselves to other women in the same way that women do. 

"Growing up, I've always had a problem with my thighs and my hips because they're bigger," one model admitted. 

"At one point in my life I was like I kind of want to change how I look. I wanted to get more masculine and fit and change who I was," another model said. 

"Sometimes girls will curve me because I'm too short. They'll be like 'oh maybe you should grow a little bit and then maybe we can talk,' " another revealed. "I used to think I was ugly, but it was really that I was short. When I realized that I had a cute face and my style is 'steezy,' I just combined all of that to just overcome me being short and being overlooked." 

You can watch the video below:


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