One Teenage Girl Is Getting The Attention Of Her Peers

She deserves all the attention she gets.

You know you've made it when you've been reduced to a single name: Malala. 

Malala Yousafzai, the 17-year-old Pakistani activist, has reached that kind of fame. And deservedly so.

In a recent YouTube film, The Fine Bros recorded a group of teenagers watching a video that highlights some of Yousafzai's stories and accomplishments. In case you aren't familiar with her, here are some quick highlights:

- At 11 years old, Malala began writing a diary for BBC about life under Taliban rule. 

- In October of 2012, Malala was targeted directly by a Taliban gunmen, shot at three times, and hit once in the head. 

- After being unconscious for days after the attack, Malala recovered and would soon speak out at a United Nations conference. It would be the first of many. 

- She became a global symbol for equality in education and a protest against oppressors like the Taliban, and in October she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

With a resume like that, it's no surprise other teenagers would be moved by her experience. But when you check out the video above, their respect and understanding of her will give you hope for the future.

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Thanks to Flickr for the photo!


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