By Not Apologizing For Who They Are, These Bold Women Are Making The Best Kind Of Statement

"You can start a revolution from nothing, as long as you stand for something."

"Young women today can do whatever they want, be whoever they want, look however they want. You can have your voice heard by millions without leaving your bedroom. You can start a revolution from nothing, as long as you stand for something," reads the caption on a new video for i-D called "Guide to Making a Statement."

The video features women discussing what it means to be bold and free, giving their opinions about gender roles, social standards, diversity, self-love, and female relationships, and delving into the ways conventional womanhood has changed throughout the years. Their words encourage others to be their truest selves. 

Check out some of our favorite moments from the video as well as the full feature below.


"Being bold to me, I think, means being free."

"Being bold as a woman means choosing whatever you want to do in your life and doing whatever it takes to do it."

"Being bold is going against the grain."

"Nowadays, we're more concerned with being true to us rather than feeding into a code of desireability."

"I think diversity needs to be a thing that's not only celebrated ... but kind of forced into all aspects of our life."

"For me, making a statement is dressing how I want, acting how I want, saying what I want, doing what I want, without worrying what other people are gonna say about it."

"Being bold to me is existing, basically ... When I'm looking you in the eye, I'm telling you I'm here."

Watch the full video below:


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