Have You Ever Heard What Sushi Sounds Like? Because Now You Can

We thought the only sound a cat can make is "meow." Not any more.

Okay, so you may not be a violin virtuoso or jam that guitar like Bon Jovi.

Who cares. Now you can be one step ahead of them and master your skills at playing... anything. Literally, anything. Sushi, chicken nuggets, cat, other person's lips, should we continue?

Listen to this fine tune and be assured.


The trick hides in a secret little device called Makey Makey. By plugging a crocodile clip into a desired object, you instantly turn it into a rudimentary keyboard. Thus, anything from a plant to a Polaroid camera becomes sonic. 

Yes, you can make a banana piano with Makey Makey.

Neat, huh?

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