The Best And Worst Makeup Traditions Since The Time Of The Egyptians

To blush or not to blush, that is the question.

Which time period had the best makeup?


That is the question YouTuber Lisa Eldridge recently posed. 

Since there are so many award-winning looks throughout the ages, she decided to try out each one.

The video also serves as a cool history lesson about the reasoning behind the different looks.

She starts off with the classic Egyptian look. They were one of the first societies to experiment with makeup. Every class and both genders wore it.

The Greeks weren't too big on makeup. They believed women shouldn't do much in terms of beautification. They also used burnt cork and soot. Ehh.

Skipping forward a bit, there is the classic Venetian look. If you were rich, you would have had a blast with all of the looks you could sport. But they also used poisonous materials, so, maybe not the best look health wise.

The mid eighteenth century was heavy on blush and all about flaunting your status. France was the epicenter of beauty and Madam Pompadour's rosy cheeks were so renowned that a shade of pink became known as Pompadour Pink.

As we get closer to the present, we see far greater freedom in makeup choices.

So if you want to rock out like Bowie or play it casual, the choice is yours.

Watch the full video below, and let us know which makeup tradition you like most.


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