Makeup Artist Turns Her Acne Into Stars, Showing There's No Reason To Hide It

"Acne doesn’t make anyone ugly ... not one bit."

While having acne is completely common and normal, society's beauty standards often make those with acne feel extremely self-conscious about it. But one makeup artist named Rocio Cervantes decided to create a makeup look that showcases her acne as something beautiful.

In a post on Instagram, Cervantes — who has over 143 thousand followers — shows how to create a look that doesn't cover up the acne; instead, Cervantes highlights it by turning it into stars. The look is complete with a bright rainbow eye and a glossy lip. In order to create the stars, Cervantes covered her acne with star-shaped stickers, applied foundation, and then removed the stickers to reveal what's underneath. 

Cervantes tells A Plus in an email that she's been dealing with acne for about 10 years, and "it's been a wild ride."

"I decided to create this look because I was frustrated with my acne and not being able to do makeup because of it. I was actually filming a video for my YouTube channel and it just didn't come out right. I felt pretty bad about myself because of my acne so I thought let me morph my acne and my love for makeup and out came this look!"


Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, the American Academy of Dermatology reports. It affects up to 50 million Americans per year. It can occur at any stage in life — from puberty and adolescence to adulthood. 

"My message is to embrace yourself — every bit of yourself. That's so important. Acne doesn't make anyone ugly ... not one bit," Cervantes says, adding that showcasing her acne in this way reminded her that her acne isn't enough to stop her from following her passions. 

Since sharing, Cervantes's Instagram post has been liked over 42 thousand times, with people thanking her for creating this inspiring look. 

"This is so empowering," one person writes. "I love this. I struggle so much accepting my face, and this helps me just to accept myself. I love how confident you are about your face and you just don't care and you're living your best life without being affected by the opinions of society. Thank you for being someone who speaks out on this. I really appreciate it."

Cervantes says that receiving this "great feedback" makes her happy knowing that they too should learn to accept their own skin. 

"My advice for those struggling to feel confident would be that beauty comes in many skin types/conditions. I want people to know that just because you have acne does not mean you are excluded from that. Self-love and reassurance are important which is why the message of this design is to fully embrace yourself!"

"It’s not my business what others think of me, but rather what I think about myself and what’s in my heart."


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