Using Only Makeup This Girl Turns Herself Into Anyone She Wants

She's a human chameleon.

It's been proven time and time again that anything is possible with makeup. Men turn into females; females into men. Not to mention all the crazy beautiful stuff you can do with your face for Halloween.

Hollywood makeup artist Kandee Johnson also uses her skills to channel her various alter-egos. Using comestics, wigs and other props, Kandee transforms herself into any pop culture character she wants.


This is Kandee being her true everyday self.

And this is her turning into all sorts of characters. Maleficent, for instance.

Kandee uses social media not only to show the world her talent, but also to teach other girls the artistry of makeup.

Her YouTube channel has more than 2 million subscribers. There you can find tips, tricks and all the how-tos of turning into anything you want, from a 50's Madonna to Edward Scissorhands.

Check out more of Kandee's work below.

Poison Ivy

Elsa from 'Frozen'

Edward Scissorhands

Betty Boop

The iconic Lucille Ball

Effie Trinket from 'Hunger Games'

Snow White

Captain Jack Sparrow

Wonder Woman


And more Madonna

Audrey Hepburn

And the immaculate transformation to Gwen Stefani. Click and listen!

Follow Kandee and her amazing work on Facebook and Instagram or visit her blog.

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