Makeup Artist Keeps Teen From Missing Homecoming After A Car Accident Left Her With Facial Bruises

"When homecoming didn’t seem much like an option, she didn’t let that stop her."

Orlando, Florida-based makeup artist Lynet Ramos is proving makeup can be used to do so much good. Recently, her session with a high school student named Julissa is going viral for the way it helped her young client gain some confidence. 

Julissa had been in a car accident two days before her high school homecoming dance, leaving her with two black eyes and a large cut on her nose. At first, Julissa thought she might have to miss the fun event because of her bruises, but decided to reach out to Ramos, who had previously done wedding makeup for her sister. Ramos made sure she could still go to homecoming with confidence, and used makeup to cover up what the car accident had done to Julissa's face. 

She shared a before-and-after photo on Instagram

"Just this Thursday she was involved in a car accident. Her and her family were banged up, but grace fell upon them," Ramos explained in the post. "When homecoming didn't seem much like an option, she didn't let that stop her, so we made it one. Shine bright beautiful." 


The after photo highlights Julissa's beauty instead of the results of the accident. The bruises on her eyes are completely gone and the cut on her nose is perfectly covered up. 

"My heart broke when her mom sent me the images, so sad that she had to go through that," Ramos told Yahoo. Ramos has experience covering up tattoos and other cases of bruising, but not to this extent. She was so glad she could get the job done to Julissa's satisfaction and loved seeing her response when she was done. "Her reaction was as good as it can get," she said. "Yes, she was astonished, but I think she was more filled with gratitude above anything else. Such a great feeling knowing you can make someone feel good about themselves."

This isn't the first time, we've seen someone prove makeup isn't just for superficial uses. Time and time again, people have shown it can help others feel more empowered and happy. It can be something people experiment with for fun or a medium for artists to express themselves. 

But it can also be used for wellness purposes. Take, for example, Sephora's free class to help cancer patients discover makeup techniques and products to help them address the visible effects of the disease and its treatments. Those classes, some of which are run by Sephora employees who are cancer survivors themselves, are giving affected men and women support and comfort. 

These examples, and Julissa's story, show we should give the power of makeup more credit. 


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