This Instagrammer Turns Nails Into Works Of Art With Cityscape Designs

Pretty as a picture.

Some of us use paper to paint artworks. Then there are people like Instagrammer Makegirlz, who uses nails as a canvas to create jaw-dropping renderings. 

The artist uses nail polish and an extremely thin brush to create mini masterpieces of different landscapes on fingernails. So, if you like postcards, you are going to love some of the artist's designs of destinations, such as Dubai, San Francisco, and London. 

With a following of 10.8 million, it's clear that people can't get enough of these amazing works, and fortunately Makegirlz also posts mini tutorials on Instagram so fans can see how the incredible mini cityscapes are made.  

If you struggle to apply a coat of nail polish neatly with your dominant hand, you'll appreciate the skill required to create these intricate designs even more.


Take a look at some of Makegirlz's jaw-dropping nail art designs:

We have seen a lot of amazing nail art, including bracelet nails and designs inspired by our favorite TV shows, but Makegirlz's creations are museum-worthy. What's more, is that these creations remind us that art isn't limited to paper and paint. You can use any medium to create breathtaking works. 

A Plus has reached out to makegirlz for comment.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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