Making An Omelet In A Bag Might Sound Gross, But It Comes Out Perfect

Looks weird, but just try it.

If you've ever tried making an omelet, then chances are you've messed it up more than once. Flipping it in the pan to get the shape just right is always tricky. Now omelet-making just got way easier. All you have to do is... (drum roll, please)... make it in a plastic bag. 

In a YouTube video posted by Allrecipes, we get to see exactly how it's done. It's super easy, with almost no cleanup required, and though it looks a little weird, the omelet comes out perfect — every time. 

Check out how to make an omelet in a bag below. Once you see it, you'll want to try it for yourself immediately. 


Step 1. Crack eggs in a plastic bag and seal it shut.

Step 2. Knead the eggs in the bag.

Step 3. Add ingredients of your choice to egg bag.

Step 4. Gently churn the bag to mix in the ingredients.

Step 5. Let the bag sit in boiling water for 13 minutes. (You can put in multiple omelet bags at once.)

Step 6. Take out the bag, and slide out your ready omelet on a plate, and voilà! a perfect omelet.

Step 7. Enjoy!

Watch the video below to make your own plastic bag omelet.

Get the recipe for "Omelet in a Bag" here

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