With A New App, A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Steps Into The Digital Age And A Rare Position For Women

"We’re so excited to facilitate the future of creative collaboration.”

Making it big in creative industries often comes down to who you know — and that pesky little problem known as nepotism. Stretching her entrepreneurial muscle, Maisie Williams is tackling that exact issue with a new app named Daisie which she co-founded with film producer Dom Santry.


Daisie launched Wednesday, August 1, in the iPhone App Store (arriving to Android devices later) and is described as "a playground for creative collaboration." The idea is simple: creative people — from around the world and from various artistic backgrounds — come together to network and form a community. Within it they can share content, learn, discover, and find inspiration. Industries highlighted within the app include photography, music, film, art, fashion, and literature.

"Previous to Daisie, success in the creative industries was wholly dependent on luck and 'ins' to the industry," Williams said in a statement, via Mashable. "Daisie introduces a new way into the creative world; through connections made organically and the natural development of your skills, propelling individuals to the next level. We're so excited to facilitate the future of creative collaboration."

Daisie was originally meant to be a website but morphed into an app and currently has six employees, all under the age of 25. Williams told Business Insider that the goal of this venture is to help people get a break like the "lucky" one she got that just so happened to catapult her to fame after being cast as Arya Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones. This was just her second audition ever and she is forever changed by that gig, which she got at the young age of 12.

Now, at 21, Williams is making headlines not because of her acting but because she is a woman who helped co-found a tech company — a rarity. According to a recent study from TechCrunch, about 16 percent of companies in this realm have at least one female co-founder. The total number of global companies that had received initial funding between 2009 and 2017 was 54,702 with 8,821 of them having a female co-founder. This is shocking considering women make up about half of the U.S. workforce.

Doing her part to help those who sign up for Daisie, Williams is the first to take part in a QT (Question Time), a video interview series that will live within the app bridging the gap between those who have "made it" and those who "aspire to." The questions will come directly from users and the industry leader will also set a task related to what they're working on for users to show them what they can do.

So, for those who thought that finding creative success was out of reach, Daisie is here for you.


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