This Mailman Built A Ramp For The 14-Year-Old Dog He Greets Every Day To Make It Easier For Him To Say Hello

"I can't imagine not having the ramp now."

Forget the idea that dogs and mailman don't get along. Colorado-based UPS employee Jeff Kramer and 14-year-old black lab Tashi have a special bond that is melting people's hearts.

Every day on his route, Kramer stops to say hello to Tashi. Recently, he realized that Tashi was struggling to get up and down the front steps at his house.


So, Kramer decided to build the senior dog a ramp.

Mashable reports that the mailman had originally constructed the ramp for his own elderly dog, Odie, several years ago. After Odie passed away, the ramp wasn't in use, so Kramer decided to give the pieces to Tashi's owners, the Dimetroskys. 

In the end, Kramer decided to construct the ramp himself. Now, Tashi is able to greet him easily when he comes to deliver the mail.

The kind gesture has made a massive difference. Karen Dimetrosky, Tashi's owner, told the Daily Camera, "It's incredible. I can't imagine not having the ramp now. It's the only way he gets in and out."

(H/T: Today)


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