Why This Muslim Man's Facebook Post About Giving Blood While Fasting Went Crazy Viral

"...together we will stand against hate..."

Hours after a shooting at a gay nightclub killed 50 people, including the shooter, and injured 53, Mahmoud ElAwadi, a proud Muslim American, published a series of Facebook posts with a unifying message.

ElAwadi compared the tragedy in his city of Orlando with last year's shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

"In both attacks, it didn't matter what was the attacker's color, his religion, [or] his background cause lives were lost and they will never come back," ElAwadi wrote on Facebook. "Terrorism has no religion, terrorism has no color, [and] terrorism has no country."

Hundreds of donors in Orlando reportedly waited in lengthy lines on Sunday to fulfill the demand for blood to help the victims. ElAwadi was among the donors.

Although ElAwadi is abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours because of his observance of Ramadan, he felt compelled to give blood. He captured the experience of waiting to donate in a Facebook video.

ElAwadi posted a photo of his kind act, along with a powerful plea.

"Yes, together we will stand against hate, terrorism, extremism and racism," he wrote on Facebook. "Yes, our blood all looks the same, so get out there and donate blood [because] our fellow American citizens are injured and need our blood. Yes, our community in central Florida is heartbroken but let's put our colors, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, [and] political views all aside so we can unite against those who are trying to hurt us."


ElAwadi's message of unity stands in stark contrast to some of the anti-Muslim sentiments being espoused by prominent political figures. 

People on social media praised ElAwadi for his incredible message.

A Plus reached out to ElAwadi for a comment.


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