Two Magicians Videobomb This News Report And We Can't Focus On Anything Else

That was perfect.

To be honest, we've listened to Ashish Joshi's news report out of Westminster multiple times now, and we still have no idea what it was about (sorry Ashish).

But we have a good excuse: two magicians executed the most perfect photobomb (or, in this case, videobomb) in the background of the newscast.


But back up. How did this all come to be?

Magicians Young & Strange posted a video on YouTube that breaks the story down a little.

First, they decide they need to get on television, so they "invited every single TV executive in the country" to meet them at a cafe, one magical says facetiously. 

But when, of course, the TV execs don't show up, the magicians decided to take matters into their own hands and head to London, demanding their show.

"Hi. We've decided we're going to have a television series. We've assessed all the options and it's good news, it's [you]."

Of course, no networks gave in. So now we're back to the epic photobomb...

But "turns out that Sky News presenter Ashish Joshi was in on the funny trick, and that the broadcast was one huge, hilarious set-up," confirmed (as well as Sky News):

But we still think it's beyond clever. Watch the full newscast and backstory below:


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