This 'America's Got Talent' Magician Brought A Hammer To A Card Trick And Blew The Judges Away

"For your safety, I want you to move down to the other side of the table."

Magician Eric Jones impressed the judges enough during his America's Got Talent audition to make it to the next round, but according to Entertainment Tonight, Simon Cowell wished he had shown more stage presence. That didn't seem to be a problem during the illusionist's second go-round — this time facing a cut from the judges before America votes.

"Since the last time, I took all of your comments into consideration, especially yours," Jones said, pointing to Cowell. "And hopefully, you'll enjoy what you see now, because I really feel like I deserve to be here."


Jones started things relatively simply, approaching the table to ask guest judge Chris Hardwick to sign a playing card — and proceeding to change the color of the card's back in the blink of an eye. But things got more daring when he showed Cowell the hammer he had brought in his pocket.

"I knew it was gonna happen one day," Cowell quipped, before Jones tapped his hand with the hammer to make Hardwick's card disappear.

Where did it go? To reveal the answer, Jones asked the judges to move down to the other side of the table while he smashed Cowell's buzzer. Sure enough, Hardwick's original card was hidden inside.

"I take it back," Cowell admitted. "That was good."

We'll find out during tonight's new episode (at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC) if Jones' trick was good enough to push him through to the live shows. He already has some pretty magical competition, in the form of 25-year-old Tom London, whose mathematical trick wowed the judges earlier this season.

Watch Jones' full performance in the preview video below:


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