Magician Wows Ellen DeGeneres By Reading Her Mind And Performing Epic Tricks

Wait, what?!

From magician Adam Trent to Philadelphia Eagles football player and "America's Got Talent" finalist Jon Dorenbos, Ellen DeGeneres has welcomed some very impressive magicians and illusionists to her stage.

And recently, DeGeneres invited Daniel Fernandez to dazzle her audiences with a mind-reading card trick for his national television debut. 

"If you guys are excited, multiply that by 10 [and] that's how I feel," Fernandez tells DeGeneres' audience.

With that, Fernandez asks the talk show host to write down the name of someone she cares about: he notes not to make it too obvious, of course. DeGeneres then folds up the piece of paper with the name and puts in into her pocket.

Afterward, Fernandez shows the audience a deck of regular cards and asks DeGeneres to pick a card (any card!) and think of it. Holding her hand, Fernandez attempts to read her mind and guess the card she's thinking.

For the two reveals, Fernandez has a few tricks up his sleeve — pulling out a note from his pocket describing DeGeneres' card and revealing the name "Andy" written on his hand. 

Needless to say, we're pretty stunned.

Be sure to check out the full video below for more:



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