Jimmy Fallon And Questlove Are Completely Stunned By This Magician's Crazy Card Trick

We're all left scratching our heads.

We never tire of seeing magic tricks that leave us scratching our heads and feeling stunned, and on the June 30 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon and musician Questlove got to experience such a trick first-hand with magician Dan White

"Tonight we're going to attempt to find order in chaos," White tells Fallon and Questlove at the start of his performance. First, he explains that the deck of cards in his hands represents chaos, while the cue cards on the table represent order.

White then shuffles the deck and asks Fallon to make choices along the way. For instance, Fallon must pick two of three piles for White to shuffle. 

After all the shuffling, you'd think it'd be impossible for White to know the current order of the deck.

"Of course there would be no way you would know the order to what I just did ... there's no way, that you [do] ...  and gosh darn it, I'm gonna freak out," says Fallon.

Of course, White stuns Fallon and Questlove, and everyone else watching, in the end. 


How he did it, perhaps we'll never know. 


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