Someone Recreated 'Magic Mike' With Hot Dogs And It's Really Something

100% beef.

The Internet is a wonderful place where people are free to create whatever their hearts desire and share it with the world. Sometimes, this leads to beautiful works of art, and sometimes it leads to recreating the Magic Mike XXL trailer with hot dogs. This parody video comes courtesy of Sausage Party, a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to redoing movie trailers with various slabs of meat in the leading roles (another popular video is titled "Jurassic Pork.") It's truly a noble endeavor, and one that has led to over half a million views thus far. It's also ever-so-slightly disturbing.

Unfortunately, inanimate objects don't have quite the same dance skills as Channing Tatum and Co., even when they're given abs and googly eyes (again, vaguely disturbing). But what they lack in motor skills, they make up for in sheer oddness. Sure, there are plenty of films featuring hot dudes, but how often to you come across videos of food trying to get their strip on? We're guessing not too often. These little sausages are pretty endearing (even though they also totally creep us out). So sit back, relax, and enjoy probably the weirdest video you're likely to see today. Just don't plan on barbecuing for a little while:


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