A Company Called Magic Leap Is About To Change What We See And How We See It

These will actually blow your mind.

Many people have heard of VR — or virtual reality — goggles that immerse people into entirely new, completely artificial, 3-D worlds that they can interact with. What many people haven't considered is the related, but still very different, world of augmented reality: technology that can superimpose three-dimensional and completely artificial images into the world you see around you. That's exactly what one very mysterious company called Magic Leap is doing: creating technology that brings virtual creations into our world.

Confused yet? It's OK. Think of it this way: Imagine putting on a pair of glasses or goggles and instead of just being able to see clearly, you can see things — aliens, people, objects, whatever — that you couldn't see before and that no one else can see without your glasses. 


If you were to put them on and walk around your office, for example, you might see something like this little fellow ...

Or a solar system hovering over a colleague's desk ...

Or checking your email like this:

According to CNET, the ultra-secretive company is using technology that focuses light directly onto the eye. "Magic Leap says that these magical images are projected onto your retina," CNET writes, "creating the same types of neurological effects as real life objects perceived around you. This is different than virtual reality, which uses a flat screen in front of your eyes, split in two and magnified to create a wraparound 3D effect." The company has raised over half a billion dollars from investors, according to The Verge, including Google.

What you're about to see are two demos by the company showing what you might be seeing in the not-so-distant future.

Check out the insane videos here:

For more incredible demonstrations, check out Magic Leap.


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