Photographer Snaps Photos Of Couples Only To Capture The Intimacy Of Kissing


There's just something so intimate about kissing. And Maggie West, a Los Angeles-based photographer, managed to capture just that with her camera.

Her debut photo book titled — you guessed it right  — Kiss features 20 couples locking their lips together for an intimate kiss. Different ethnicities and sexualities, the models featured in the series are West's real-life friends including  dancers, actors, musicians, etc.

"One of the objectives of the book was to examine the dynamic between a variety of relationships — not just established couples," West explained in her statement sent to Beautiful Decay. "Some couples had been dating for years, some were just friends, some barely knew each other, etc."

Can you tell? 

Scroll down to see West's work.


"Initially everyone, no matter their relationship, was a little nervous," West explained. "However, kissing is such a physical act that within a few minutes the models were so engrossed in each other that they seemed to forget they were being photographed."

"I believe with each embrace, however subtle, there is an exchange of energy between both parties." the photographer told Bullett magazine

Now let's go kiss someone.

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