This Is What It Looks Like When A Teenager Hears Her Father For The Very First Time

The power of technology, people.

Maggie Gleason is like most teenage girls, except she grew up experiencing a world without sound. Born deaf without cochleas, the 14-year-old never got to know the voices of her family members, reports USA Today. 

But after 14 years of silence, everything changed.  

Specialists at University Hospitals Case Medical Center gave Gleason an auditory brainstem implant after she waited 11 years for the technology to be approved. 

According to the video description below, this innovative electronic device "provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf," and 3WKYC explains that the device works by stimulating "neurons directly at the human brainstem, bypassing the inner ear and hearing nerve entirely." 

In layman's terms, the implant allows her to hear with her brain, instead of her ears. Pretty amazing stuff, huh? 

Though she underwent surgery in September, the device wasn't turned on until Dec. 28 of last year. Watch what happens when Gleason finally tests it for the first time. 


Gleason became the first teen to undergo the procedure at UH and within seconds, her eyes light up, and it's clear she is able to hear. But the most incredible moment is when her father asks if she can hear him and she nods her head in a resounding "yes."  

ViralNova notes that Maggie was able to understand her father even though she's never heard spoken language because she can read lips and her father signed while speaking. 

"It was never something I thought we would see, or that she would ever experience," says her sister in USA Today's video. 

(H/T: ViralNova)

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