Satirical Illustrations Of Human Evolution Show That Not All Our Achievements Count As Progress

"The March of Progress," reimagined.

Back in 1965, good guy Rudolph Zallinger created an illustration for the Time-Life book series Life Nature Library titled "The March of Progress."

The original drawing features 15 figures — from Pliopithecus to the Modern Man — all lined up as if they're marching in a parade, and depicts 25 million years of human evolution

However, it's been half a century since Zallinger sketched the "modern man," and some believe it's about time we updated the image to better fit the reality of 21st century Homo sapiens. For better or worse ...

Among those believers is a Paris-based artist collective Maentis, which created a series of illustrations titled "99 Steps of Progress."


For 99 days, Maentis shared drawings that parody the original illustration and serve as a powerful commentary on our modern existence.

Infused with a generous pinch of sarcasm, their artworks remind us that, sadly, not all things have changed for the better.

Check out some of our favorites below:


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