Watch Madonna And James Corden Strike A Pose And Slay Carpool Karaoke

"That's the first in-car twerk I've ever seen."

In a recent issue of Billboard magazine naming her Woman of the Year, Madonna spoke about the ageism and sexism that frequently motivates the question of "staying relevant" in the entertainment industry. But there can be no denying her relevance when you see her new Carpool Karaoke adventure with Late Late Show host James Corden.

The pair sing their way through hit after hit, from "Vogue" to "Music," with a little "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" thrown in for good measure. (A theater nerd like James could never skip it.) Madonna definitely doesn't hold back. In fact, this might just be the most energetic Carpool Karaoke yet.


First of all, she doesn't let her environment limit her from striking the fiercest pose possible.

And later on, the music moves her to break it down right there in her seat. "That's the first in-car twerk I've ever seen," James tells her.

The pair also have quite a few enlightening conversations in between songs. You might be surprised to learn that Madonna herself isn't quite as rebellious as her music suggests. "My work is rebellious, but my lifestyle is not rebellious. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't party. I'm quite square."

Well, you certainly wouldn't know it from watching this segment.

Check out the entire wild ride below, but maybe don't try it at home:


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