Mom Paints Daughter’s Bald Head For Her Beautiful Senior Year Portraits, Embracing Her Alopecia

" ... in that moment I think we both saw growth in ourselves.”


Most teens probably wouldn't dream of having their mom style them for their high school senior portraits —well, unless their mom just so happens to be a cool artist who can help them create the most stunning shoot ever. When Madisyn Babcock collaborated with her mother for her senior shoot, the duo created much more than viral photos —they created a powerful memory.

Courtesy of Chelsea Taylor

Babcock has alopecia —  a common autoimmune skin disease that causes people to lose hair on various parts of the body — and was nervous about taking photos with her newly bald head. But she decided to transform that fear into empowerment. Using her senior photos as an opportunity to embrace her natural beauty and raise awareness for her condition, the 17-year old asked her mother to decorate her head with paintings of flowers. 

The result is breathtaking. 

“My mother’s always been an inspiring artist,” Babcock told A Plus. “As someone who always encourages me to be my true self and loves flowers, I knew my mother was the perfect person to paint my head.”

Courtesy of Chelsea Taylor
Courtesy of Chelsea Taylor

The beautiful images were captured by local photographer Chelsea Taylor who has taken photos of Babcock in the past and has been there through the process of her losing her hair. "Madisyn has had a positive attitude about the loss of her hair since day one, and has used this as an opportunity to show other girls how to love themselves and own their beauty- even if it isn't conventional," Taylor told A Plus. "Madisyn's mom spent hours drawing out the design and painting it on the morning of her shoot. It turned out beautifully, and her images are a direct reflection of her spirit!"

Confidence isn't the only thing to come out of this shoot. Babcock says working with her mother gave them both a memory they will never forget. "One of the biggest connections my mom and I hold is our love for art," the teen shared.

Courtesy of Chelsea Taylor

In describing the moment in which her mother painted her head, Babcock says, "The paint was really cold on my head. I think that, in the moments, I sat in a chair in front of my mom and she painted my head, we had an understanding between us. It wasn't just painting. It signified every single moment we've gone through with the process of high school. I have an entirely new perspective on life than I did when I began high school, and in that moment I think we both saw growth in ourselves."

Babcock isn't the only one to publicly embrace her alopecia. Earlier this year a 7-year-old with alopecia named Gianessa Vinanti Wride won crazy hair day at school when her mother, Daniella Vinanti, decorated her head with stickers. We love to see people of all ages and backgrounds extending ideas of beauty and loving themselves just as they are.

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All images credited to Chelsea Taylor (@the.chelseataylor)


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