Only Few People With Down Syndrome Are Able To Sing. Little Madison Defies All Odds With Her New Song.

Down syndrome does not define a person.

One of the most common challenges people with Down syndrome face is that of speech and language development. According to a study conducted at the University of Portsmouth and republished by Down Syndrome Education International, people with affected by the genetic condition also typically have low-pitched voices, and difficulty singing.

But one little girl is here to defy all odds. 

12-year-old Madison Tevlin loves singing. She does it with a passion even the most talented starlets are sure to envy -- despite the fact that, according to the video below, she "must use twice the standard vocal energy (microvolts) to produce sound to speak."


Watch the video of her singing one of her favorite songs by John Legend above. 

Madison is a perfect example  of how any obstacle in life is just as big as you choose to see it. 

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(H/T: Ryot)

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