This Teen's Music Video Has A Message That Could Make All The Difference For Sexual Assault Victims


Madison Douglas grew up in a conservative town in West Virginia, where girls are taught their worth is wrapped up in their virginity and purity, and "boys will be boys." It was only when the teen singer and songwriter left her hometown high school to attend a school away from home did she realize how how horrible and hypocritical this mindset is for women and girls. 

After scribbling down a few lines on a plane ticket, Douglas finished a song that she now calls "Girls Don't Cry Wolf." Though she released the song this past February, the meaning is transcendent of time: Rape culture, or putting blame on victims of assault, by asking them "what were they wearing" instead of "how can I help," for instance, re-victimizes girls and perpetuates the idea that that's just what boys do when it's not

As YouTuber Anna Akana put it: "Women have been conditioned their whole lives to not get raped." And it's not OK. 

Douglas wants her video to spark a whole new mindset — especially when girls aged 16-24, her own age group, have the most at stake, with the majority of sexual assaults reported among women. 

"'Girls Don't Cry Wolf' is dedicated to survivors of sexual assault." Douglas wrote in the video's description: "Together we can raise awareness to end this culture that perpetuates the objectification and oppression of young women."

These are just a few lines from the harrowing song and video that makes raising awareness all the more important:


"Society breeds the mentality that girls lose their worth when they lose their virginity. It gets preached abstinence is key, leaving sex-ed to MTV."

"My body wasn't made for your recreation."

"People raising monsters who objectify our daughters."

Watch the full music video below and hopefully join in the effort to end victim blaming:


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