Somehow, Maddie Ziegler Is Able To Recall Sage Advice From Sia — Even Though There Are Puppies Everywhere

This isn't so ruff.

Maddie Ziegler has come a long way since Dance Moms and largely has Sia to thank for that — of course, that's in addition to a seemingly endless amount of talent. The 14-year-old and the Aussie singer-songwriter clearly have a tight bond, and it seems as though the latter has an endless supply of words of wisdom to dish out, too.

In a recent BuzzFeed interview in which she plays with some pretty rambunctious puppies, Maddie reveals the best piece of advice Sia has given her during their time working together since the "Chandelier" music video in 2014. It's simple, pointed, and perfect for a young woman such as Maddie who is coming up in the world.

"To make sure to love everything that I'm doing. And to always remember that I am still a child and to never take anything too far, so that I'm not overworked," Maddie — who said her celebrity crush is and forever will be Zac Efron — explained.

The multihyphenate — who will be making her debut on the big screen this weekend in The Book of Henry — also talked beauty tips and revealed that the most important thing she has learned in that regard is "less is more," that one could "look cakey" if wearing too much makeup.

When it comes to fashion, Maddie looks up to Zendaya as a major source of inspiration, noting that the 20-year-old "has so many amazing looks and it's different every time." Maddie calls attention to how Zendaya can go "the tomboy route" or "make it super girly and glamorous."

Maddie — who says dance helped her transition into acting, because she realized they were both outlets to express emotion — doesn't know what's to come in 20 years time. But, if she has anything to say about it, her future will include lots more acting, dancing, choreographing, and Sia.


Check out BuzzFeed's the puppy-filled interview with Maddie here:


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