This Mad Max Remake With Go Karts And Paintball Guns Looks Dope

Action packed!

Mad Max took theaters by dust and storm this summer raking in over $300 million.


The Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy helmed film had plenty of action to keep audiences glued to the screen. 

Audiences loved it so much, there will soon be a video game based on the movie.

In order to promote the new game, a bunch of creative minds like director Devin Graham got together to create a completely awesome miniaturized version of the movie with go karts and paintball guns.

All of the characters in this short film are based on the upcoming video game. As are the costumes, which were designed by Allison Dredge.

Here is the official trailer for the video game.

Overall, the filming took two days on location in Green River Utah. Watch the action below and some behind the scenes after that to see how they did it.


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