These 'Mad Max' Stunt Doubles Got Married After Meeting On The Set. Can You Say Coolest Couple Ever?

The fictional blockbuster produced a true-life love story.

A lot of people meet their spouses at work. But how many get to know their future partners while dodging explosions, battling evil futuristic cult leaders or going on high-speed chases through the post-apocalyptic Australian outback? Well, it happened that way for at least one couple: two Mad Max stunt doubles got married after meeting and starting a relationship on set of the 2015 reboot. Dane Grant, who stepped in for Tom Hardy's stunt double during rehearsal, first laid eyes on his future wife, Dayna (who was Charlize Theron's double) when the pair were both in Namibia shooting the movie in 2012. That's right, to make this story even cuter, their names are Dane and Dayna. It's like it was meant to be.

The performers, who are both from New Zealand, say they felt an instant connection. As Dane told Stuff, "We've said it before and it's quite cheesy, but it really was love at first sight. While we were punching each other we were falling for each other — quite rapidly." But just because they get mushy when talking about each other doesn't mean these two are a pair of softies. On set, they had to hang from the underside of moving cars and act while being lit on fire. Not exactly the most romantic atmosphere, but Dane says the high-adrenaline setting helped them connect. 

"So the two of us were doing this — dare I say — very S&M-type fight, it's a love/hate mixture between these characters. They're very close, there's chains, they're holding each other in very intimate positions, and the longer we were doing it the more we're kind of eyeing each other up." They do say good acting is all about the chemistry.

In the interim between Mad Max: Fury Road's shoot and when the movie opened several years later, Dane and Dayna got married, had a son, and opened a stunt school together in New Zealand. Can you say coolest family ever?


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