Student With Disability Uses His Wheelchair To Create The Coolest 'Mad Max' Costume Ever

He had an entourage, too!

University of Central Florida student Ben Carpenter just took cosplay, or dressing up in look-alike costume, to another level. 

The 20-year-old was born with spinal muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair to get around, so when it came to dressing up for the Tampa Bay area Comic Con in early August he needed to get creative.  

He dressed as Tom Hardy's character in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, during the part where he's chained to the front of a futuristic motorcycle car-type vehicle. But the true transformation came from the fact that Carpenter modeled his wheelchair to look like he actually was strapped to said vehicle like Hardy. 


From the movie:

Ben's version:

He utilized a standing wheelchair — a Permobil C500 — and attached a self-made cart, which he and a friend made for fun a year ago, to the back.

He posted the below photo to Reddit five days ago, where it soon went viral. 

Kid with disability uses it to his advantage as a Mad Max cosplay.

He told The Mighty he was inspired by others with disabilities who have gotten creative with their cosplay outfits. 

But others were inspired by him.

He and his entourage (who dressed up as the women his character traveled with) won best group cosplay — and our hearts.

Witness him!

(H/T: Neatorama)


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