Watching Pills Dissolve Is Fascinatingly Beautiful

A sneak peek into your stomach

Whether it's a prescription we take every day or a pain reliever we only use on occasion, we generally don't give a lot of thought to what happens when we swallow a pill. Once it's down our throat, we just kick back and wait for it to start working.

When a pill hits the acid in our stomach, it starts breaking down so we can digest it, just like food. The molecules are absorbed and sent to our bloodstream, where they circulate until they find the problem and get to work. Some pills dissolve quickly so the effects can be felt quickly, while others take longer to break down, for lasting results.

But what does it actually look like when a pill starts to dissolve? 

Thanks to Macro Room on YouTube, we are able to have an up-close look. 


It starts out unassuming enough since they're just regular pills, but they start to come to life after they're put in water. The tablets begin to bubble and break away, while the gel-caps melt and spill their contents out.There are unexpected color changes and textures and the final shot of a handful of different pills is really cool.

Our stomach acid likely breaks down the pills in a different way, but it's still a fascinating and oddly beautiful peek as to what happens when we take our medicine.

We'll never look at swallowing pills the same way again!

Check it out here:

Cover image: Macro Room


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