Young President Expert Macey Hensley Tells Ellen All About Her Presidential Barbies

"They're both girls."

There could be no better guest for the Presidents' Day episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show than 7-year-old Macey Hensley. The young presidential expert has appeared on the show before to share her amazing knowledge and even interview stars on the red carpet.

The United States has inaugurated a new president since Macey last visited, so Ellen asks if she knows any interesting facts about Donald Trump. The answer is obviously yes.

"He's the oldest president, he's the first president with no military or political experience, he's the first president to be on the cover of Playboy magazine, and he's the first president to be in a Pizza Hut commercial," Macey explains, to the audience's amusement. She also shares the scandalous reason some people didn't like Warren G. Harding.

Macey then goes on to describe the presidential Barbies she received for her birthday. "They're both girls," she says proudly. "And I use the Kens as Secret Service and the husbands. One even has a bullet-proof vest."

She says she made her very own furniture for the dolls, but Ellen thinks they deserve an upgrade, so she surprises Macey with a Barbie White House, as well as Air Force One and a motorcade. Macey previously said she wants to be president herself someday, so this will be great practice.


Hear more from Macey, including how Michelle Obama inspired her to stay healthy, in the video below:


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