The Touching Way Donald Glover Remembered Mac Miller During His Recent Concert

"I love you, Mac."

During a recent concert, Donald Glover (performing as Childish Gambino) took a moment to speak about late rapper Mac Miller, who passed away on Friday at the age of 26. Glover shared his personal feelings about Miller with the audience, before dedicating a song to him.

"I'm a very sensitive person ... but this Mac Miller shit got me fucked up," Glover told the crowd, adding, "He was the sweetest guy. He was so nice." 


"And we were both internet music kids," Glover continued, according to Billboard, "and a lot of critics were like 'This corny-ass white dude, this corny-ass black dude,' and we used to talk. And this kid, he just loved music."

The rapper shared that his "heart is broken" over Miller's death, sharing, "I feel good about being sad, because it tells me he was special, that I had a special moment."

He went on to lament how the internet will attempt to "make a narrative about people," declaring, "We're all way too complex to be a narrative." The crowd applauded him for this statement.

"I just wanna say, 'I love you, Mac' and I just want to tell you that I love you and this song is for him because I feel like sometimes he wanted to let go," Glover said, going on to perform his song "Riot."

Glover isn't the only artist to pay tribute to Miller since his death. Fiona Apple, for instance, shared a video in which she said, "I wish I could have made music with him." G-Eazy, meanwhile, told fans in concert, "Appreciate the moment. Be present in it. Tell people you love you care about them." Elton John even dedicated a performance of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" to Miller.

Over the weekend, Miller's ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande posted a photo of him (above) to her Instagram account.

Watch Glover's tribute to Miller in the video below:

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