Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Day Campaign Is Beautifully Inclusive

“We wanted to capture love between two people ... "

There's a lot of reasons to love Lush Cosmetics. Their cruelty-free, vegetarian products are made with fresh ingredients and are ethically sourced. They also use recycled packaging and reward customers for re-recycling it. But today, the reason we're swooning is because they just set a beautiful example for what inclusive advertising should look like. 

In their 2017 Valentine's Day campaign titled #BetterTogether, adorable couples are featured taking bubble baths. They're laughing, smiling, and all around enjoying each other's company. And some of them happen to be same-sex couples.

Such diversity added in brand campaigns can sometimes feel forced, but when the team at Lush debuted their campaign on Facebook and Instagram Jan. 19, they took a different approach. 


The couples genuinely just show what love looks like — and that it looks exactly the same whether you're straight or LGBTQ. 

The Lush team accompanied the photos with the words, "Better together: Our limited edition Valentine's Day goodies and gifts are even better when you've got someone to share them with. Find them online and in shops now!" 

Of course, there was controversy, but instead of addressing the homophobic comments, Lush wrote a follow-up post. "Last week, we posted a photo that created quite the stir! We're here to set the record straight," they wrote. "Big tubs — they do exist!"

We've been stuck in tiny NYC apartments for so long, we almost forgot, too. 

"At Lush we believe that love transcends gender," Brandi Halls, Lush Cosmetics's director of brand communications, told A Plus in an email. "We set out to do one thing when creating our Valentine's Day visuals, we wanted to capture love between two people and we believe that's what we have done here. The fact that our loyal and loving fans are starting their own conversations using our visuals and #loveislove absolutely warms our hearts."

To see more images from the campaign, check out Lush's Instagram posts below:


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