Why Lupita Nyong'o Is Making 'Black Panther' Co-Star Michael B. Jordan Do Push-Ups

"Payback's gonna be real."

While Marvel's Black Panther is captivating audiences and breaking records at the box office ($235 million over the holiday weekend), the movie's cast is having their own fun off the screen. Specifically, Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B. Jordan, who play Nakia and Erik Killmonger in the film, respectively, and who are playing out the results of a bet for all of Nyong'o's social media followers to enjoy.


Neither actor has revealed the specifics of the bet, but it's clear that Jordan lost. His payment? Doing a push-up whenever and wherever Nyong'o tells him to. For instance, last week she made him get down during a SiriusXM Town Hall with the cast. Then she surprised him at the Calvin Klein show during New York Fashion Week, asking him to do a push-up in the popcorn that covered the floor.

"She's brutal," Jordan says in the video she posted, before obediently following through. When he's back up, he warns the camera, "Never bet with her."

If you're wondering how long the push-up party will last, Nyong'o wrote in the caption of the aforementioned video that Jordan had three more to go. She then used one of those opportunities backstage at The View. Jordan tries to ward her off the minute she walks in, telling her, "I'm sure you're in a rush."

"I definitely have time to talk to you," Nyong'o responds. "And I'd especially like to see you get down."

Once he's on the ground, she can't help teasing him, telling him to "stay down" before reminding everyone watching that she still has two more to go.

"Payback's gonna be real," he promises. "Just tune in for the payback."

Nyong'o previously showed off her love of pranks at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, where she disguised herself as a Power Ranger to walk the convention floor, later revealing herself on social media. We can't wait to see where she'll surprise Jordan next — and to see if he ever gets his revenge.

(H/T: Esquire)


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