You May Think You're Doing Your Face Right, But Lupita Nyong’o's Makeup Artist Will Tell You Different

Trying this ASAP.

Typically, my morning makeup routine goes something like this: I wash my face, apply moisturizer, then primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, highlight, and mascara.

But wait — back it up — there's a new trick in town switching up a common practice to create a more natural look. Rather than adding blush on top of your face makeup, Nick Barose, Lupita Nyong'o's makeup artist tells PeopleStyle that actually, we should be putting liquid or cream blush beneath our foundation.

Blush under foundation? According to Barose, "when you layer bright blush under a sheer layer of liquid foundation, it gives you the illusion of your own color coming through from underneath the skin."

"It's perfect for when you want a little bit of color, but want it to look realistic," he adds in the article.


Trying a new makeup routine is not only exciting but the perfect creative outlet, too — which is just what we need to jumpstart our day! 

Ready to give it a try? Try one of these eco-friendly blushes below:


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