17 School Lunches That Put All Other Lunches To Shame

Too perfect to eat!

Back to school is around the corner, which means so is packing lunches. 

You probably don't spend much time thinking about how you'll put together a sandwich, adding food coloring or what shape the cheese you use will be in. This dad takes all of that to a whole new level, though. 

Beau Coffron has three kids, a full-time job and is basically the champion of packing school lunch. He creates nutritious bento box lunches that feature his kids' favorite characters intricately made out of food. He's rightfully titled himself Lunchbox Dad

Coffron pays close attention to what his kids are reading, watching and loving. Whether it be Disney's Frozen or Star Wars, he'll figure out a way to design a lunch around it. 

Before you think "I could never do that," you should know Coffron has no art background at all and he doesn't pack these for his kids every day. 

But when he does, the results are magical: 


1. Finding Nemo

2. Monsters, Inc.

3. Inside Out

4. My Little Pony

5. Hello Kitty

6. Tangled

7. Mulan

8. Where the Wild Things Are

9. Star Wars

10. Dr. Seuss

11. Toy Story

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

13. Sesame Street

14. Big Hero 6

15. Ghostbusters

16. Tinker Bell

17. Wreck-It-Ralph

(H/T: BuzzFeed

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