The Clever Way One School’s Lunch Lady Sends Inspiring Messages To Its Students

A healthy snack and some words of encouragement.

It's important that kids learn from an early age the importance of a varied diet filled with fruit and vegetables. One clever lunch lady named Stacey Truman is helping kids at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia reach their five-a-day while also empowering them.


The cafeteria manager does this by writing different inspirational sayings on bananas.

Kingston Elementary School's principal, Dr. Sharon Shewbridge, recently shared a photo on Twitter of the decorated banana skins and people cannot get enough of the idea.

The bananas are decorated with messages such as "You are enough," "Spread love everywhere you go," "Follow your dreams," "You're amazing," "Be a great friend," and "Work hard."

Truman has worked at the school as the cafeteria manager for nine years and was recently inspired to start the "talking bananas" at school after doing it at home. "I do it for my kids at home, so why not bring it here and do it for [the students] because they are like my kids?" Truman said to WTKR.

The "talking bananas" have been a hit with students, and even earned them the adorable nickname.

According to Fox News, Truman comes up with her messages by thinking about what people would say to kids and by considering what adults would also like to hear.

After the photo was posted on social media, it has gone viral with people sharing and commenting from around the world. Users love how such a simple idea can bring such happiness and positivity to the day. Some are inspired to start doing it themselves.

Shewbridge tells Yahoo! Lifestyle that the unexpected viral response initially made Truman want to remain anonymous, but she sees how the simple idea can resonate with so many, including the kids.

The principal told Today via email that she decided to share the "talking bananas" online because of a need for more positive messages. 

She continued, "Mrs. Truman is so encouraging and does so much for the students and staff at Kingston."

Other people have also experimented with the idea as evidenced with the #bananaquotes and #talkingbananas hashtags:

(H/T: PopSugar)


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