Watch 'Beauty And The Beast's' Luke Evans And Josh Gad Make Some Challenging Prank Phone Calls

"May I just say, you are such a pleasant human being to talk to."

We'll bet your childhood crank calls were nothing like the ones Beauty and the Beast stars Luke Evans and Josh Gad made during a hilarious appearance on BBC Radio 1's Matt Edmondson Show. Their challenge was much more complex than asking if someone's refrigerator was running.

In a game called "Alphabeticall," the new movie's Gaston and LeFou are each asked to make a phone call, and every time they talk, their sentence has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. You might remember Trolls stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick accepting the challenge last year.

Evans is up first, with a call to a very friendly pest control worker, who listens to the actor's concerns about a two-foot-long "house pigeon" or possibly a "killer fox." At one point, Evans uses his M sentence to tell the man, "May I just say, you are such a pleasant human being to talk to." 

Next up, Gad is challenged to call a hair salon to make an appointment for his employer. He's not afraid to sound ridiculous, telling the receptionist that the hairstyle is for a performance in Xanadu. And don't forget this hypothetical actor's previous role in Zootopia

"I feel so awful," Gad says when he hangs up.


Catch every single letter in the video below:


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