Ludacris Helps People Confront Their Fears, And The Results Are Inspiring And Hilarious

"Your dad isn't a clown, is he?"

Facing one's fears — no matter how irrational — isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do. But who better to help you do that than rapper Ludacris, the host of MTV's incarnation of extreme competition show Fear Factor? The star of The Fate of the Furious teamed up with Vanity Fair to help five willing participants get over their fears to humorous results. 


The phobias of Ludacris' patients range from the common fear of clowns to the more rare fear of condiments, but the "professional head doctor" takes special care to help each person deal with their trepidation while contributing funny quips along the way. For instance, when Shirley, who has a fear of clowns, tells the host of her mother's affinity for them, he asks the important question on everyone's mind: "Your dad isn't a clown, is he?"

Though he definitely has jokes, Ludacris does actually provide his own version of therapy by bringing each person in close proximity to what's been causing them anxiety. For a man who fears heights, he offers a virtual reality simulation of walking across a tightrope in a jungle. For a woman who is inexplicably afraid of condiments, he attempts to get her to touch a bowl filled with ketchup. And for Shirley, of course, he brings her face to face with a clown. 

At the video's end, he even offers to help the general public alleviate their own fears via a number that appears at the bottom of the screen. Of course, unless you're looking to add a bit of not-safe-for-work fun to your day, we'd suggest you take up your phobias with an actual therapist.

While the video is all in good fun, it does highlight how confronting your fears can actually be cathartic. Whether you're an acrophobic person who decides to go skydiving or a woman who decides to face five of our your worst fears in 24 hours, confronting that which frightens you can show you just how strong you are. It also helps if, like Ludacris, you approach the situation with a bit of humor.

Check out Ludacris helping the participants overcome their fears in the video below:


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